Welcome to Cyber Security Capital. Our goal is to strengthen cyber space by empowering, training and mobilising a gender diverse, optimised cyber security workforce.

Shortage of skills by 2022

Numbers of women in security

Cost of cybercrime by 2019

What we can do for you

We’re obsessed with building a gender diverse and highly functioning cyber security workforce. Through a process of consultation and facilitation we bring this obsession to market and offer services to individuals, corporates and entrepreneurs.


How do you develop yourself professionally?

Our skills and passions are in developing people, particularly women, through training, coaching and mentoring. We’ll work with you to develop a career development plan that fits in with your lifestyle and gets you to where you want to be.


How do you succeed in the workplace as a CISO?

People, process and technology are the foundations for all good cyber security initiatives. We’ll help you plan, implement and manage so you can meet your performance objectives and realize the rewards.


How do you grow & scale your business?

Entrepreneurs face many challenges but the ones we hear over and over again relate to identifying target clients and increasing sales. We cover these along with ways to reduce costs, boost production and expand the business.

How we work

Our mission is to help the cyber security industry become better at reducing cyber attacks so we’re working hard to empower, train and mobilise a gender diverse cyber security workforce. We’re passionate about performance and getting the best out of the technologies you deploy, the processes you implement and the people you employ. By using our detailed knowledge of the cyber security industry and a consultative, independent and collaborative approach, we always ensure we match your needs to the right solutions, be they people, processes or technology.

We operate on a global basis and whilst our clients include some of the world’s best-known brands, many of whom are listed on the global stock indices, we also work with mid-range organisations, start-ups and individuals. All of our clients, no matter their size share commonalities: they aspire to be the best, operate in a state of readiness and see opportunities when others don’t. They tell us that the reason they choose us over others is because they know that in order to be ready, they need to rely on a team of experts who can demonstrate up-to-date subject matter knowledge, experience through implementation and foresight.

Why we do what we do

We do what we do because we believe in freedom, empowerment and entrepreneurship. Cyber security is an exciting, dynamic and vital profession. With much to offer, our job is to spread the word and support the ecosystem. That way we can attract and retain the best talent in corporations, help cyber security entrepreneurs to succeed, and become better at safeguarding individuals, countries and global economies.