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Masterclasses are an ideal way to update your knowledge and that’s why we’re going to be holding them regularly. When we do, we’ll invite experts to lead a topic and we’ll be covering deep-dive technical subject areas as well as soft skills training. Our masterclasses will be held online via our In Crowdd community.

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We’re bringing the cyber security world closer together by staging an annual conference. Conferences enable us to invite expert speakers to share their experiences and also to deliver value via workshops. Our first conference will focus on diversity and future leaders. Ideally we’d like to see you there in person but if you can’t attend you can always access it on the day via our stream.

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In Crowdd Membership

In Crowdd is all about membership to an exclusive, invitation-only network of cyber security professionals. Being part of a community that aspires to be the best, enables you to network with and learn from like-minded professionals who share the same core values. When our membership doors open, we’ll be offering resources, like no other provider in the market, to inspire, empower and help you meet your career objectives. The doors are opening to a select number in 2017. If you want to join us please register your interest now.

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Meetups are particularly useful for those looking to develop their careers, or who have their own business and want to scale, or are thinking about venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. The format can be an informal gathering at a hotel or coffee house or a more structured event where training and knowledge share occurs. Being part of a meetup community enables you to network with like-minded peers and learn from others. We currently have one meetup in London for cyber security entrepreneurs and those thinking about starting up so please click the link below to find out more.

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