“IN Security is challenging, thought provoking, insightful, and most importantly actionable” – Dr Adrian Davis, MBA, CISSP, FBCS CITP, Managing Director EMEA, (ISC)², Inc.


Women are fundamentally different to men and when it comes to cybersecurity one thing is certain… if you’re short on women you’re less safe. When you read this book you’ll understand why women really matter, why the numbers of women have fallen along with strategies for attracting, identifying and retaining more women. This book is essential reading for anyone in security or looking to get into it.

Jane Frankland is an award-winning cybersecurity entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and market influencer. Founder and Managing Director of Cyber Security Capital, a consultancy that offers niche consulting, coaching and training services, she works internationally with a wide range of clients from Chief Information Security Officers at listed multinationals to cybersecurity entrepreneurs of ambitious, fast-growth startups.

Jane has over twenty years in cybersecurity, is an SC judge for Europe and the USA, a CISO Board Advisor, and one of the top market influencers. She has built and sold her own global penetration testing firm and held senior executive positions with leading security consultancies. Over the years she has been actively involved in industry accreditations, schemes and forums, such as OWASP, CREST and the Cyber Essentials Scheme. She has also authored many artices, been featured in leading publications and appeared in the media.

Jane is driven by her three children, an obsession to deliver outstanding quality, and to make a positive difference in the world. Believing passionately in freedom, empowerment and entrepreneurism, her vision is to strengthen cyber space with an optimised, diverse cybersecurity workforce. It is why she authored IN Security, and created the IN Security movement and IN Crowdd, a community that stands behind a mission to connect, inspire and empower cybersecurity professionals.

IN Security is broken into three parts and deals with the assumptions and challenges around the low numbers of women in cybersecurity. It’s filled with stories, data, and the golden rules you can apply for transformation.


1 Women cost more

2 Prove it

3 Mind the gap

4 Qualifications don’t make a hacker

5 STEM is a red herring

6 Educate the educators

7 HR is holding us back


8 Hoot the horn

9 Seeing is believing

10 Recruiting the Y factor

11 Enter the dragon

12 Cultivating workplace culture

13 Career navigation

14 Personal branding

15 Personal growth


16 Through the looking glass

17 A call to arms


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What others are saying…

I truly enjoyed Jane’s thought provoking stories that drive home the point – women must be included in the cybersecurity community for it to mature and meet its current and future threats. Talent should be mentored in all of its forms; a security program can’t thrive if it’s one-sided, but in a full community it shall rise together and be reckoned with.Gary Hayslip, CISSP, Vice President, CISO, Webroot, Inc.

Uncomfortable reading at times, this cleverly written book shines a light on the imperceptible judgements and decisions which reflect conscious and unconscious bias in an industry already cast into the shadows by the black hats. Smart observations combined with her own experience bring both the problem and the opportunity to life. A call to action for those inside cyber to make a personal difference by ‘throwing a starfish back into the sea’ and a clarion call to women to consider a career in security. You have never been more needed…..Jacqueline de Rojas, President techUK

Jane has written the diversity book for our generation. Her challenging, though-provoking and insightful work will make you question all your assumptions and working practices, and gives you the tools to answer those questions and make a positive difference. Jane has laid the foundations for us to make diversity happen and create the cybersecurity workforce of the future. Diversity has the champion it deserves, and her name is Jane Frankland.Dr. Adrian Davis, MBA, CISSP, FBCS CITP, Managing Director EMEA, (ISC)², Inc.

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