Cynthia lives and practices law in Arlington, Virginia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University in Washington, DC and a Juris Doctor degree from George Mason University School of Law in Arlington. Cynthia is a member of both the State Bar of Virginia and the District of Columbia Bar.

Her practice areas are small business entity organization, intellectual property, information technology, contract review and analysis, and government contracts. She also provides knowledge management consulting services to small and medium sized enterprises.

She has worked as an attorney for the federal government, private businesses and law firms, as well as non-profit organizations and is also a Professorial Lecturer in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at The George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Cynthia has authored several articles, notably those on innovation, intellectual property, knowledge management, privacy and the law. The 10th Edition of her book, formerly entitled “Legal Aspects of Engineering” and now named “Legal Aspects of Engineering, Design and Innovation,” published by Kendall-Hunt, will be released in the Fall of 2016.


  • USA


  • Legal issues related to:
    • Intellectual property
    • Privacy
    • Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship