Speed is the currency of business and continuous improvement is its fuel

In today’s fast-paced, competitive, online world, the faster you can operate the better you’re going to do. Simply put, speed gets you a competitive advantage. It also cuts costs. To give you a head start you need to rely on a source that will empower you with the tools, techniques and knowledge to help you move fast. Our aim, therefore, is to be that one-stop source of information and to provide you with some useful resources to help you do this. You’ll find e-books and reports here but from time-to-time, we’ll also include videos, cheat sheets and guides. Our free gifts will help you to better resource, advance your career development and navigate the cyber security ecosystem. The resources are varied and applicable for those who are in jobs, have their own business, or are studying for cyber security.

Photo accredited to #WomeninTechChat. Cyber security has a gender diversity problem – only 10% of women are represented in the market and these numbers are declining year-on-year. This book looks at how to attract, develop and retrain more women in the industry. It includes case studies and stories from men and women, across an extremely varied cyber security ecosystem. The book will be out later this year but to register interest now.

Photo accredited to #WomeninTechChat. Detailed here is an exclusive resource guide for women and minorities in cyber security. The guide references networking, mentoring and skills development websites as well as conferences, publications, STEM links and useful hashtags.

This Bingo card game was adapted from Male Allies and its objective is to help increase awareness surrounding diversity in cyber security.



There are so many cyber security events nowadays and trying to decide which one to go to can be hard work. Detailed here is a guide for the world’s most popular cyber security conferences and events, which should make it easier.

Deciding which course to enrol on can be both tiresome and expensive. Detailed here are a range of training courses, many of which can be accessed for free or at a reduced rate.

Detailed here is a list of standards, accreditations, institutions and campaigns to become familiar with.

Here you’ll be able to access a multitude of books that have been recommended by our community. The range includes cryptography, coding and software engineering, penetration testing, risk, intelligence as well as cyber security novels.

It’s never too early to get children involved in cyber security so detailed here is a guide for girls and boys. The information focuses on the UK but over the next few months our aim is to include more resources from around the world.

Building a cyber security business is not for the feint hearted – 90% of tech start-ups fail within their first 21 months or limp along with stagnating revenues for years after until they slowly die. To survive and thrive you need to make money, save money and get money – usually in that order. Listed here is a resource guide for cyber security accelerators.

In the absence of a career map for the cyber security industry, detailed here is part 1 of a career map by Gary Hayslip. It also covers accreditations and certifications.

Detailed here is part 2 of a career map by Gary Hayslip.

Detailed here is part 3 of a career map by Gary Hayslip.