Come join our masterclasses and improve your skills in cybersecurity

CISO Personal Branding Masterclass – 1-day, onsite

As a CISO, or a senior cyber security leader, your personal brand really matters. It’s your reputation – what you’re known for and how people experience you – in person, print and online. It’s about being visible, connected, credible, and valuable inside your organisation with the stakeholders, and out of it, with your peers. It creates loyalty, meaning and trust, and requires you to craft memorable experiences in the minds of those you interact with, at every touch point, so you open doors to new opportunities. Your personal brand is now your single greatest asset, differentiating you from others in the market.

Through this personal branding program we’ll transform your leadership by helping you to position yourself more effectively with stakeholders and employees within your organisation, plus customers, journalists, media representatives, conference organisers, and recruiters outside of it. This will impact your reputation, relationships and bottom-line results. And, as a result, it’s highly likely you’ll feel happier and more confident.

WOMEN-ONLY Personal Branding Masterclass, 1-day, onsite

This masterclass has a similar objective to the one we delivered for CISOs, but some of the content differs as women face unique challenges. In order to succeed as a woman in cyber security you need to be twice as good as any man and learn how to use “tools” that will help you gain more influence and stand out. With increased competition for opportunities, you’ve got to do more than achieve decent grades, certifications, and be good at your job. You need to communicate effectively to a much wider audience, attract a following, be known for something, and build influence. That means creating a strong personal brand and revealing who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

This class was created because we want to level the playing field between women and men in cyber security. It’s not because we believe one sex is better than another, but it is because we see so many women being held back, or overlooked for promotion or jobs or opportunities because they’re not more well-known or influential. Women deserve to reach their potential in cyber security, to have a strong personal brand, and reach a bigger audience.

ASPIRING LEADERS Personal Branding Masterclass, 1/2-day, onsite

This masterclass will be a condensed version of the CISO personal branding masterclass. It will be held over half a day, and help aspiring cybersecurity leaders to communicate more authentically, and develop their personal brand. It is ideal for introverts and helping knowledgeable, quietly spoken professionals to engage with other team members and stakeholders.

WOMEN SPEAKUP Masterclass, 2-hrs, onsite

This masterclass will be for women-only. It’s purpose is to enable them to feel more confident and empowered to speak up during meetings and presentations, plus panel discussions and public talks on stage. Over 2-hour sessions, we’ll help women to transform their fear, doubt and resistance into confidence, presence and influence. We’ll be dealing with unique challenges that women in cybersecurity face too, particularly when speaking up in the presence of men.

ATTRACT A MENTOR Masterclass, 2-hrs, online

Mentoring is vital for personal and career development. Having seen cybersecurity professionals struggle to attract a mentor, we’ve decided to hold this masterclass so we can help you learn how to attract a mentor. Over 2-hours, we’ll go through what mentoring is, the pros and cons of formal and informal mentoring, plus the exact steps you need to take in order to attract and secure your ideal mentor.