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WOMEN-ONLY Personal Branding Masterclass, April 13th, 7.30PM BST

This masterclass has a similar objective to the one we delivered for CISOs, but some of the content differs as women face unique challenges. In order to succeed as a woman in cyber security you need to be twice as good as any man and learn how to use “tools” that will help you gain more influence and stand out. With increased competition for opportunities, you’ve got to do more than achieve decent grades, certifications, and be good at your job. You need to communicate effectively to a much wider audience, attract a following, be known for something, and build influence. That means creating a strong personal brand and revealing who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Your personal brand really matters. It’s your reputation – what you’re known for and how people experience you – in person, print, and online. It’s about being visible, connected, credible, and valuable. It creates loyalty, meaning and trust, and requires you to craft memorable experiences in the minds of those you interact with, at every touch point, so you open doors to new opportunities. Your personal brand is now your single greatest asset, differentiating you from your peers.

This class was created because we want to level the playing field between women and men in cyber security. It’s not because we believe one sex is better than another, but it is because we see so many women being held back, or overlooked for promotion or jobs or opportunities because they’re not more well-known or influential. Women deserve to reach their potential in cyber security, to have a strong personal brand, and reach a bigger audience.

CISO Personal Branding Masterclass, April 9th, 7.30PM BST

  • Gain clarity on your personal brand direction and strategy. For example, honing your online profile and building a communication plan so you’re positioned as a thought leader. Additionally you’ll get clarity on your knowledge of social media and how well you’re using it.
  • Gain visibility, positioning and messaging so you can differentiate yourself from others, get in front of the audiences that matter to you, increase your influence and attract opportunities.
  • Take action on building your personal brand without fearing any consequences. Speed is the currency of business and with me at your side you’ll have access to lessons that are to the point, effective and tackle the ‘how to do something part.’ With step-by-step instructions and examples you’ll be clear on exactly what to do and how to do it so you’ll no longer fear taking action or be fumbling your way along.
  • Track your progress. Even though training enables you to tackle the ‘how to do something’ part so you get results fast, I’ll be there for hand-holding and accountability, so you can ask questions, get reviews on your work and make progress.
  • Use some of the tricks of the trade. Having access to a vault of valuable resources, such as scripts, exercises, videos and recommended suppliers, enables you to be efficient with your learning, implement faster and save time and money. I’ll be going through some of these on the masterclass so just click the button below to learn more or enrol.