Natalie Blackbourne is the President of Blackbourne Worldwide, a cybersecurity company that specializes in cyber threat analysis and mitigation, social engineering, and security research. Natalie’s background focused on deception and credibility analysis, with specializing in forensic interviewing and facial expressions. She has dedicated her life to the study of influence and manipulation, and she works with corporate institutions to educate and increase awareness of “human hacking,” or Social Engineering, which is the art of coercing an individual using psychological and linguistic methods.

Using her Master’s in Emotions, Deception, and Credibility as a foundation, Natalie has developed a Social Engineering training platform both for the Ethical Social Engineer and for Defensive Strategy. Her passion lies in educating the public not only on how to be a Social Hacker, but also to caution of the dangers on the advances and increased reliance on technology. Her desire to educate also extends to building programs for women to feel more comfortable in transitioning to the male-dominated field of cybersecurity, as well as creating alternatives for young hackers to have ethical and educated outlets.

As a self-professed nerd, Natalie enjoys researching and writing in her spare time. Her goal is to take complex psychological ideas and make them mainstream and understandable, while emphasizing the intricacies of the human psyche and the challenges of integration emotions into Artificial Intelligence. In her pursuit of knowledge, Natalie hopes to bring her research to the public as a story to make it more enjoyable. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys learning about herbal medicine and biohacking.


  • USA


  • What is social engineering and how to protect against attacks
  • Women in Social Engineering
  • Technology and Deception


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