Whatever your resource needs are CS^ can help.

Speakers or facilitators

Whether you’re looking to book a speaker for your event, or establish yourself as a speaker we can help.  We know some of the world’s most talented cyber security men and women in the industry and can advise you on who to select for your event. Through our training programmes we can also help you become one of them. A selection are available for you to peruse so click the link HERE.

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80% of consultancies work on fixing the wrong problem, which drives up costs and leaves you exposed. As experienced consultants we’ll diagnose correctly and only take on projects where we believe we can offer remarkable experiences. To this end we concentrate on people, process and technologies.


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Finding the right mentor can really help you to navigate your career path and accelerate professional development. Mentors may be older or younger, but should always have a certain area of expertise and be more knowledgeable than those they mentor. So, whether you’re looking to be mentored or become a mentor we can help.

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Working in cyber security requires you to continually hone your skills. Whether you’re looking for one-to-one training online or a class-room lead course for your team, CS^ can help. We’ve a full range of cyber security training partners that deliver soft skills and tech skills training and we’ll advise in accordance with your specific needs.

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