If you want to discover how likely you are to perform to a higher standard by attracting high-value female cyber security professionals and keeping them then take this test. The test has 39-questions and takes less than 5-minutes to do. Once you’ve completed it you’ll get your score PLUS a free report detailing proven short-cuts for increasing your numbers of women in cyber security, and gaining more diversity within your department.

Take the test and learn how to:


Is gender diversity important for you, or your organisation?

Do you know the difference between equity and equality?

Do you track how many women you have in your cyber security department compared to men?

Do you track and segregate technical and non-technical i.e., administration, support, sales, or account management, roles?

Do you know the value of each team member and the cost to replace each one?

Do you measure leavers and how many female cyber security professionals leave your team in comparison to men?

Have you set goals/ targets for female cyber security retention?

When a woman in your team leaves, do you make exit interviews compulsory?

If you do exit interviews, do you analyse the results of these exit interviews?

Do you take action on the exit interviews with your HR department?

Do you keep in regular contact with the women who have left your team in case they want to return?

Do you keep in contact with women in your team when they are on maternity leave?

Do you offer return to work training classes for women who are interested in cyber security?

Have you set goals or targets for female joiners?

Do you track how many women join your team annually in comparison to men?

When women join your team do you ask them what attracted them and why they chose your company above others?

Do you plan a career route for the women in your team and identify any training that they may need to help them achieve their career development goals?

Do you identify future female leaders or top talent and offer them a specific programme for career advancement?

Do you provide mentoring for women in your team?

Do you have a sponsoring programme for women in your team?

Do you offer a way that women can transition in to your cyber security department from within the organisation?

Do you have a way that women can inform you of harassment or gender bias without feeling threatened or at risk?

Do you offer training on unconscious bias?

Do you believe your recruitment is based on a meritocracy?

When you advertise for roles do you ensure that all imagery is equally representative of women and men?

Do you offer blind screening (where names, age, sex, religion, are removed) at the start of your interview process?

Do you operate panel interviews i.e., where a candidate is interviewed by others interviewers back-to-back and in succession?

Do you write fresh job descriptions when recruiting after a team member has left?

Do you use tools that can assess the language bias you’re using in job descriptions?

Do you offer all your team members training for career progression?

Do you ask all your team to negotiate his or her salaries?

Do you operate 365-degree appraisals?

Do you publish salaries/ pay grades of your team transparently and openly?

Have you got a rulebook that includes a policy on discrimination and bias, and what action must be taken when it is witnessed?

Do you ensure women aren’t the only ones taking notes in meetings, or doing the lion’s share of the office housework?

Do you ensure women are given an opportunity to speak up in meetings if they’ve remained quiet?

Do you ensure flexible working is offered to all team members?

Do you publish diversity figures on your organisation’s website?

Do you include a question on diversity when your organisation goes out to tender?

Is your organisation certified for gender diversity?